How many of us donate blood to blood bank

February 25, 2010 7:50am CST
Friends i want to know how many of us donate blood to blood bank. Friends i am planning to donate blood in coming days because it is necessary to remain healthy. As we donate blood new blood cells form in our body and which improves our body activity. It is also an social activity in which we help patients by donating our blood. Hence donating blood is in two ways helpful it helps in proper activity of our body and we can help patients also. Friends think on this and reply.
2 responses
@iridium (436)
26 Feb 10
i like giving blood but i'm no longer allowed to do so. which does annoy me some as the reasons why are trivial. I'm not convinced that its good for you do to so though!
@Masihi (4227)
• Canada
26 Feb 10
If I could donate blood I would, but I'm on medication and have a low blood count. :-(