What is your biggest fear in life?

United States
February 25, 2010 12:14pm CST
My biggest fear in life has always been the loneliness, not loneliness of have a couple or not, I can be single all my life, it is not a problem for me, I mean loneliness of family and friends, I would be really sad if I would be left alone by the ones i love. What about you? What are your worst fears in life?
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• Philippines
26 Feb 10
my biggest fear in life is to grow old without doing something for me and my soon to be bay. if i just sit down and count for days and years. my biggest fear is to be alone when im old and no one is with me not even a husband. being alone in your oldest days is so fearful and i dont want that to happened. i still wish to marry with someone and have good life and share that good life to my child and the whole family.
@jstrx_24 (40)
• Philippines
26 Feb 10
the host's fear in life (being alone) is common in most people who cannot live life without company, usually the family-oriented and uber friendly types. in all honesty, she's right because no man is an island. we can never ever live on our own. we need friends, family, or even strangers to accompany us through this earth to comfort us when we're down, and celebrate when we're on top. without other people, who'll be there to guide us when we're wrong, praise us when we're strong, be with us when we're in fright, or grow old with us in the long run? basically her point is having people around us makes life worth living for. that's also one of my biggest fears really. but one of my other big fears is to live life with regrets. not being able to fulfill our dreams, hurting the people and not be forgiven by them, are some of those happenings in life that apparently make life not worth living for. things that we can't seem to take back and make us regret are the very banes of our existence. think of this, you have this growing desire to pursue your dreams in acting. you firmly believe that you have what it takes to make it big. you believe that you could be the next Hannah Montana or something. then all of a sudden you give up because of what other people say or tell you. they'll say "you don't have what it takes, or you're not just cut-out for it, or worse: that's not what you're meant to be." you immediately conclude and tell yourself "yeah, i guess they're right." you end up having a different profession that can provide you your needs, however it's not as fulfilling as the "dream job" that you wanted. for many countless nights, you experience the feeling of regret. until you cdecide to pursue your acting career. but guess what, you're not a teenager anymore. your already in your mid-forties and the only acting job you'll get is to be an extra in a cheap cereal commercial. scary huh? think of the time that was wasted. you could have made it big had you tried. but instead, you let other people's opinions get the best of you. now you end up living the rest of your life imagining... what if i followed my dreams... that right there is scary... so live the most out of life... we only get to live once... -(currently listening to kris allen's live like we're dying)
@choybel (5059)
• Philippines
25 Feb 10
My biggest fear in life would be that I disappoint the people that matters to me most, my parents, closed friends, family, and most especially my girlfriend next to fear of the wrath of God. I fear hell and eternity of pain. I fear eternal sadness and a meaningless life. I fear failure as well as insanity. I fear the lost of love and the lost of God.