which section of the newspaper you read first?

@ksmita (515)
February 25, 2010 2:01pm CST
hi. its is noticable that front page of the news paper is always about some tragedy or some political issues. reading the bad news early in the morning , spoils my mood and i believe that day should begin with a good and happy thoughts. so, i prefer to read the supplements(page3,times of india) ...here i find info related to movies,shopping, cartoons, t.v.guide, fashion, health , property. what about you? whisch section of the newspaper you first and the most?
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• India
26 Feb 10
I read only the headlines, then if at all go on to the astro-stuff. There is not much meaning it but it would be fun. Any detailed reading is only in the evening. Only if something of 26/11 0r 9/11 kind shows up I read it through.One section I rarely read is the sports section. The leisure part of the reading The Sunday Magazine kine are for holiday reading. I esp. read book reviews esp. of the best sellers, lookig for titles that may interest me.
25 Feb 10
I try to avoid reading newspapers because you are right, the news is always bad and it can put you off your breakfast. In the event that I do read a newspaper I start at the front and work my way through. Now, my husband is totally different. As a huge sports fan he automatically starts at the back to gets the sports news and never reads anything beyond that section.