superstitious belief and practices: how'd you handle them?

February 26, 2010 10:27am CST
hi! i asked this question because im so interested on how people handle them. This goes for the Filipino people because im not sure about the other nationalities if ever they have. just this evening, there was a power shortage and it lasted like for four hours. i put on a candle and my mom suddenly told me that "never place the new candle over the old one". i asked her why and she just told me to do it. so, i didnt asked her anymore. there was also one time when my younger sister was doing her nails. of course, my ever superstitious mum told her to stop doing it. i know there a lot of instances when my mum(not only her) asked us to do some things which we dont understand. we live in the city yet there were still things like this. how about you guys? how'd you handle it?
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@lrglara (1343)
• Philippines
8 Mar 10
most superstitious beliefs, same as urban legends, are based on some stories or theories (maybe some years ago). but of course, since its been passed from mouth-to-mouth, it was never proven. the problem with superstitions is it incapcitate the person from doing her routine or the normal sort of activities. i hate it when people are telling you not to do something because of some superstition especially when it is essential that you do such activity. like for pregnant women (in the philippines), you shouldn't eat this or that... or when your in burial, you can't serve this or that... etc. etc. its annoying. if there's a certain basis to the superstition, i'll probably do it! but for now, i think i would.
@johndur (3049)
• Pasig, Philippines
27 Feb 10
im a filipino but i dont believe in superstitious beliefs.i personally think its not relevant on anything and everything is just a coincidence.
• Philippines
26 Feb 10
I guess my mom is as superstitious as your mom. However, I remembered when I asked my mom 'why' we should not do this or that, she had a ready answer. There were times when she would just say to us children that it's never going to hurt if we should just follow and stop asking for any reason. When I became a Christian, and I looked back at those times when my mom would hinder and remind us not to do things because it's 'bad luck', I just think that it's ridiculous and I feel sad because of so many restrictions without proper explanation. There's no enjoyment in doing something because of too much superstitious beliefs and being so frightened and worried all the time. The Bible doesn't say anything about these beliefs. What it says there is "do not worry" (Matthew 6:34) and "do not let your heart be troubled, believe in God, believe also in me" (John 14:1). Believing in superstitious beliefs will only prevent you from receiving the blessings of the Lord.
@p3ks626 (6550)
• Philippines
26 Feb 10
I dont believe in superstitious beliefs. I think it has to be called stupidstitious beliefs because they are stupid. In the Philippines, we have this superstitious belief that if you wear your wedding dress before your wedding is not gonna push through. But I dont think it is true because actors and actresses always wear wedding clothes but they still marry and they even marry many times in their lives.