bilingual a must

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February 26, 2010 6:13pm CST
it seems like all the jobs even worth calling a job you have to be bilingual or have prior expierience.with the way the economy is people are changing professions.i went for a interview today and i was asked if i had prior expierience i said no but i can learn this job i mean whats the point of having training?hints for people to learn. the next question are you bilingual? no iam not i responded but i can learn that to but while the people dont speak the first language of america and are in america they need to learn english.that is how i feel i mean being bilingual in america should not be a must.
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@zoey7879 (3104)
• United States
27 Feb 10
I feel the same way to be honest. There are a meager 6,000 people in my town, and only 13,000 people in my county. We have the highest migrant population for about 100 miles in any direction. To get a state job here, and quite often to get a job in any office, daycare, and slowly becoming even the school, Spanish and French are becoming a requirement for my town. The sad thing is that alot of the jobs requiring those skills pay barely no amount over minimum wage. It makes me angry, as people with bachelor's and masters degrees are being downsized from their jobs to make room for people with less experience that speak these languages. I just moved from a city in Michigan a few years ago with an extremely high immigrant population and to be point blank honest... They weren't catered to on this high of a level. Only a few medical, office, and factory facilities offered translation services. For the most part, anyone needing these services always brought someone along for the ride to translate. I'd expect this in schools to help them learn english but.. :/