Shower or bath?

United States
February 26, 2010 7:47pm CST
I like getting showers more myself. Baths make me feel dirty because your relaxing in your own filth for the most part. I enjoy baths, but I have to get a shower first. Baths just don't seem like a method of cleaning to me. All the dirt just comes right back onto your body, and not down the drain like a shower does. Who else enjoys a shower? Or are you a bath kind of person?
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@donna22 (1120)
27 Feb 10
I prefer showers because they make you feel cleaner. I know what you mean about relaxing in own filth. I think baths are good for relaxation when your skin is already clean but not so much to actually be clean. In our house the bath takes ages to fill and is a bit off a faff cos you have to keep putting in hot, then cold, then hot, then cold...
@junrapmian (2170)
• Philippines
27 Feb 10
Ah...okay. I get a little confuse over here. So you mean by bath is taking a dip in a bath tub and shower is taking a shower from the shower itself. In our country, when we say take a bath, it means that you give yourself a real bath, wetting yourself from the top down to your feet, shampooing your hair, soaping and scrubbing your whole body from the face down to the soles of your feet, then rinse. Shower means to give bath to your whole body only leaving your hair untouched that's why we use shower caps. Well, I am in a tropical country, thus the weather here is always humid and very hot on summertime. I start and end my day with a real bath and a shower if I feel filthy and perspiring during afternoon. That's how I refresh myself.