Anyone heard of Peter William Leach Lewis, and his Cult?.

New Zealand
February 27, 2010 12:09am CST
He and his wife Rita, a lady that is seriously a loony tine and the Beloved Peter as he is described, prey on the vulnerable when finding, converts for their Cult Beware of this couple, they are not a Church but a Cult, what do they want. Simple your money. Peter is a fat dude from Dover in England supposedly educated at St Francis and t Michaels Schools in England, completing his formal education at Aldenham College for boys near St Albans in Hertfodshire. He hasn't got the numbers, but is definitely making himself wealth and separating people as he grows his Cult. I have always said there is always some daft person that will join any daft Cult and Peter you have proven me right.
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• United States
10 Mar 10
hey mandybeau. how did you come in contact w Peter? Why do you think he's out to take people's money??
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• New Zealand
12 Mar 10
it was by way of a warning network system, I was given the Paper that told his facts and details, Gee I hope you are 'nt Peter lol USAStyl. Obviously he must have come under someone scrutiny, so I'm just passing on as he sounds despicable. Whydaya want to know... I might tell you more. They are called Rita and Peter.
• United States
16 Mar 10
hey there. no, I can promise you that I am not P or R. what do ya mean "warning network system' I am very interested in the "Paper" that you mentioned outlining their facts/details. they are in the US now and it's unknown if anyone has fallen victim to their ways. are members required to pay a fee to join the (sect)? is the new world church of new zealand still operational?? feel free to contact me at:
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• New Zealand
17 Mar 10
Called the New World Church of Christ, very very unprofessional Letterhead for a Church, looks like they have knocked it up themselves. I believe that they gift things money etc., unsure if there is a standard amount. I know that there is a group here, well if you can call 2 people and another that comes to worship from a nearby Town a Church. However they do apparently rent premises, here. for the 3 of them. Amusing isn't it. I understood it was run from the US World Mission HQ are Post Office Box no physical address 17900 Washington DC 20041 U.S.A. Phone is 1(703)631-1400 also called the Brotherhood of Humanity. Can you just let me know a bit more as I am a bit worried about giving too much info out. The Paper is just pictures and obviously warning about the Cult. I believe that I can get any info that you may need as I know a Member a person that I believe to be at risk. She is anti semitic, anti catholicism, anti almost every other religion except this one. Thing is I just can't figure how she came accross such a small Group.
• Barcelona, Spain
7 Feb 14
Hey mandyb... do you know your of them, just in case you have been your in order to know as they are? If you would like you can judge someone without knowledge or cause? only those who expanded gossip and gossip. Another is that you were your one of those people in charge in that church or cult that did not give you power and now you decide to send choismes and stories to give its people of worship bad image and leave them to the public as mere scammers. If that is his thinking, our Lord Christ today to serious equally accused by you as he did caifasel Pharisee.