The Death carriage Bondowoso Indonesia 1947

February 27, 2010 1:59am CST
In Bondowoso East Java Indonesia is a monument called the Monument of Death carriage. This monument is located in the middle of the road, between the plaza (square) Bondowoso and Bondowoso District Government offices. Statue of fighters Statue of several fighters the front with the background of a train. This monument was built to commemorate the tragedy 62 years ago.That in the Netherlands known as "De Trein van de Dood" or carriage of Death. Here's the story .. On Saturday 23 November 1947 on the Dutch will move 100 prisoners from jail to jail Bondowoso Kalisosok Surabaya East Java. The prisoners consist of the combatants and civilians. They were then taken to the station Bondowoso and inserted into the 3 carriage. 32 people entered the irst car with No. GR 5769, 30 people into a second car with No. GR 4416 and the remaining 38 people entered into a third car with No. GR 10,152. These carriage are not passenger carriage but the carriage made of steel goods which are closed and no ventilation. So despite the early hour, in the carriageis very hot and dark when the carriage is locked. Approaching Jatiroto Station, there are quite heavy rain. Raindrops coming from the small holes nto the carriage, used by the prisoners who were still alive. But not so with the prisoners in the third compartment (GR No. 10,152). Because the carriage were new, so they do not have the slightest drop of water. Arriving in Surabaya, in the third compartment is not one of life prisoners. Tragic .. he prisoners are being recorded. The result, in he first compartment No. GR 5769 as many as 5 people seriously ill; second carriage No. GR 4416 as many as 8 people died; in the third compartment No. GR around 10 ,152 prisoners of all 38 people died.
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