Have you ever ruined anyones party before?

United States
February 27, 2010 9:26am CST
I have never ruined amines party. I am better than that it is childish and not nice. My friend has though and he ended up getting in alot of trouble. I guess he was friends with this guy and he didn't get invited to his party. When he asked why the guy said he just wouldn't fit into the crowd. He was heart broken and very upset to hear his friend say this. His friend even had the nerve to ask him to use his trampoline at his party. My friend got mad and got water balloons and crashed his party. He ended up hitting a window and breaking it. He got in big trouble for this. I understand how he felt but I would just have let it go if I were me and find a new friend. People Like that are not your true friends if they do that.
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