Have you ever been black mailed before?

United States
February 27, 2010 9:56am CST
When I was little and I did something I was not suppose to do my brother would black mail me and say he would tell if I didn't do his chores. I hated to them but to prevent myself into getting in trouble I did it. I hate it when people do that. It's so not right. I know that black mailing is illegal. Sad part is it may be illegal but it still happens today. Noone likes to be threaten. It's not nice and definetly not fair at all. I would never black mail anyone. It just not my thing and I am not that type of person at all.
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27 Feb 10
Hi there tucker! I remembered being black mailed before when I was yet a freshman in university.It happened that a certain lady in the 3rd gender really likes me.At first I was okay about it having her as a friend.Later she turns out very persistent and gives me chocolates and stuffs and also flowers too.This gave me a hint that she really wants something more than just a friendship which I know i couldn't give her.I explained that it's only purely friendship that I could offer her but she doesn't want it and expected more.Until such time that she hindered my way one day and asked me to change my thought about her.I know that I couldn't change it and I told her so and right then and there she started to shake a bit and put her hands on her heart and told me that she's about to have a heart attack so I need to help her and change my mind. I was a bit afraid and at the same time felt strange about her reaction and coercion so, I managed to get away from her no matter how she acted like having a heart attack.That i could say is balck mailing. After a day, I met her at the university again fully looking recovered staring at me.lol