Touhou - Indie but extremely popular Bullet Hell Shooting game

February 27, 2010 1:11pm CST
Only two other search results for Touhou, and one isn't even a discussion so i decided to start this one. It would have been your ordinary indie curtain fire / bullet hell shooting game save for one thing, it's rather popular. It's made by a Japanese dude who goes by the name ZUN, ofcourse in Japan. What makes it popular is probably how the fans are allowed to make, do, anything and everything they want, this part is debatable. What makes it so popular? I am a complete fan of this simply because its awesome. But WHY is it awesome? I would like to know what you guys think. As seen in my picture, anyone that played the fighting game spin-offs of Touhou would know who my favorite character is. It's Rumia! no not really, she's called Remilia Scarlet, a vampire.
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@Ayayaya (16)
• Melbourne, Australia
26 Feb 14
Agree. And it has plenty of characters and re-creations to meet all kinds of preference. In fact, I've never played the original games coz they're too difficult for my ? hands. I'm just attracted by the touhou doujin music. My favorite character is Fujiwara no Mokou and I found it's not easy to find a good vocal version of Immortal Smoke.( ??? )