Wrong emails (gmail)

@teamrose (1499)
United States
February 27, 2010 4:41pm CST
Reply with quoteQuote I have a gmail account I almost never use and check once a week (which for the record is my first initial + last name @ gmail.com). 2-3 morons who THINK they own my email address always give it out, resulting in other morons emailing me. occasionally it's just the sender screwing up, I believe (there's this one old couple who is always trying to email their grandkids or something, but I feel like if I reply it will just confuse the hell out of them). I get about three of these a week. I've started taking to different methods to deal with it. now it's escalated to the point where it's almost a challenge to get rid of certain emails in the most creative or efficient way possible. sometimes I reply, which was my original response to this (either professionally, or semi-rudely depending on the obnoxiousness of the email received and if they're a repeat offender), other times I unsubscribe (commercial newsletters, emails, etc). one, a lady ordered something on Overstock.com and I kept getting the order confirmation, shipping confirmation, etc etc. went on the website, hit "forgot password", got her password sent to me, and changed the account's email to my email login + some gobbledygook (like 9285780) just so I wouldn't receive them anymore Grin problem solved. I'll post them here in this thread for now so you can mock them, or me for being too rude or too nice
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