Guilty beyond resonable doubt..

February 28, 2010 1:20am CST
I had a friend we can say a goddie sometimes turned into a bad girl. She got out on a serious relationship at that time and she has not in mood to open up for other serious one. so its fling when she met a guy seems to be some player. so she just ride with his trips just to redirect with her broken heart.But before anything else she confirmed that the guy is married but he admit.they also had a this moment she felt guilt but a part of her depend on her self also.. what can you say about this?
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@sether7 (184)
• Philippines
1 Mar 10
Love is really blind sometimes and even though this is the reason, for me its the fault of the girl for falling in love with a married man. She knows that someones owns the man she love already and I think its time for her to move on and find somebody else. I know I'm not in the position to advice because I don't know how she feels at this very moment with the guy but I think she had to come out to her senses. If I were on her shoes, I'd rather live without the man I love than hurting anyone especially the kid of the married guy. The kid is so innocent and he/she doesn't have to suffer the problems most of the married couples and families suffering now which is about having a broken family. I think the day will still come that the girl will find her match in love and in life, she'll just have to pray if she's in a hurry hehehe. In the end, her conscience will not hunt her if she did the right thing and I think the right thing is leaving the guy and find herself another someone to love.