on a reverse gear ?

February 28, 2010 7:53am CST
i read in a recent survey that modern women are opting to give up their carreer and stay at home . ! i have come to know that many women after marriage have opted to stay at home rather than going to work . what do you think is the reason for that . .
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@phoenix8606 (4978)
28 Feb 10
hi my friend! i think the reason about that is that their men have told them, that they don't have to go to work, because they will earn enough to support the family, and they should stay at home with the kids, or also they would like to stay at home and care for the kids and the household.
@pandaeyes (2068)
1 Mar 10
I do that in my life. I used to earn more income than my husband but he was still training in his job. Eventually he would earn more than me and my earning potential would not keep up with that of a man. I was the person who would have to bear children and I really wanted to be at home to prepare their meals, wash their clothes, play with and teach them. I am still at home even though my children are now adults. I couldn't shop for good priced food If I went to work. We wouldn't eat freshly prepared meals every day as I would not be here to prepare them. I grow vegetables and mend clothes and also mend and maintain our computers. I think of it as being self reliant because we can manage very well with my husbands wage and little bits of online earnings so why take a job that someone else desperately needs and I do not?
@qamarep (4448)
• Pakistan
28 Feb 10
comeon thats not possible modern women will never do that because modernism makes women to think of more independance and when they get their slaary they feel more independant
• United States
28 Feb 10
I don't think most women opt to stay at home rather than go to work. All my female friends can't stand being at home. They always keep themselves busy and tend to worry when they're not doing anything at all. Anyway, I have nothing against women opting to stay at home, especially if they're already a wife and a mom. There's nothing wrong in being a housewife. Actually, being a good wife and mother is an extremely important job. All women should realize that whatever they do is important as long as they do it well. :-)
@freymind (1352)
• Philippines
28 Feb 10
It's because women needs to nurture their families that is why they need to stay at home. But these days more women are wanting to work outside the home instead of inside it. I guess because more and more families are getting broken because the husband leaves and look for another woman. That is why most women who are single parents right now tend to work outside of their homes. Since most of the men who leaves their nest leaves the kids with the wifey (men always do that!) I came from a broken family and my dad left me with my Mom.. My Mom went abroad just to make sure I go to a decent school and give me what I need. Since my Dad at that time never gave me anything at all. Its very hard growing up without a Mom and a Dad figure but I guess My Mom is the best Mother,Sister, Friend to me since even if years had passed that we didn't had the closest communication still we are best of friends now... So I salute all the women who becomes the man for their family and provide for them.
@arun_p_g (46)
• India
28 Feb 10
wrong opinion.. i am from the middle east. my observation is tat most of ladies tend to go for work. they feel more stable being at work. boredom makes them feel like going for work . they can stand independent too.. its better to allow ladies to go to work after marriage also..