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United States
February 28, 2010 8:29am CST
Ok, I'm fairly fit. I weigh 145 and im 5.9-5.10 ft tall. When I flex my stomach, you can see a fairly well developed four pack ( being the first two sets of packs ) on the top of my chest. Now, my problem is that I have a small layer of fat, that covers my bottom two-four packs, although I barely have any fat on my body, and I'm very active, it just doesn't seem to go away. How do i get it to go away?
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@besthope44 (12145)
• India
25 Jul 10
Select an exercise pattern to suit your life style. All of us have different life styles and professions so there is no sense in trying to follow the book strictly. Try and follow an exercise routine that is suitable for you. You have to understand that even more important than the exercise it is sticking to it. So unless you choose something that can suit your life style, you are not going to stick on to it.
• Philippines
10 Mar 10
that could be your "muffin top" that usually happens when you were a bit fat and some of the weight goes there... either you go to a doctor and ask how to remove this or try to excercise a bit... if not, go to a dietitian...they usuall knwo what that is.... at least mine was like that... iwasnt trying to get a 6 pack, it just wanted a flat-er tummy :3
• India
28 Feb 10
actually keeping a four pack is easier but maintainig a six-eight pack is really difficult because it really challenges human biology....our body requires fat so if you want six pack you can reduce the carbs in your diet for say a week...and voila you will get the six packs(provided you have a well developed four pack) but its not at all healthy to keep it for long....