Ever made a big purchase online?

United States
February 28, 2010 1:10pm CST
I need a new tractor to mow my lawn with. I can go to Home Depot or whatever and buy one there, but there's also a dealer near by who told me he could give me better service. But I've found some even better prices online ( http://www.usedtractorsupply.com/ ) but I don't know about making such a big purchase online. I buy books and stuff online from Amazon, and I've bought clothes and other relatively cheap things, but when it comes to make a purchase that is multiple thousands of dollars, I don't know how comfortable I necessarily feel about that. Has anyone ever made a huge purchase online? What did you buy and how much was it? Did you feel comfortable doing it? Thanks.
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@pandaeyes (2068)
2 Mar 10
We bought our Greenhouse online last year (about $600). It was delivered and all complete,if I had bought it in store,I would have had to pay extra to get it home and no guarantee that it would be perfect first time around anyway. I bought a computer online 3 years ago(about $600) and a shed 2 years ago (about $600).We have never had a problem with online buying. If you use credit cards, you probably have some sort of insurance with them that helps to safeguard against fraud, you would need to check that out though as it might be different in different countries. Check up on the site ,you might find a review site that mentions them. If you type their name into a search engine, you will most likely find out quite a lot about them from other peoples queries on forums.
@mslena75 (562)
• United States
1 Mar 10
Yes, I bought my car on EBay. It was not in the state where I live, but several hundred miles away. I was a bit nervous, but my husband is really into cars and knew we were getting a good deal. I had it shipped here. I have had it for several years now, it was a good purchase.
@rachael5760 (2741)
• Israel
28 Feb 10
I bought a saxophone on-line once, and when it finally came it needed a full overhaul, that means all the pads changed, and the bell was on crooked, and the case was like a piece of cardboard. Be careful what you buy on-line!