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@MoonGypsy (4613)
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February 28, 2010 1:22pm CST
well, i just found out what happened with this dr.murray, who overdosed michael jackson. the story came out on television that he was brought by A.I.G to be michael's doctor and give him ANY drug he wants with no limits. they said that no other doctor would take the job. he did, because of financial and legal problems he had prior. now, here is what i think. people wanted to kill michael and needed the perfect cover story and fall guy to do it. don't get me wrong, murray wasn't set up, but i also don't think he thought that he was going to kill michael. i think he thought that he could control the situation and still administer those drugs. he probably thought that if anything happened he could handle it. when michael's heart stopped and he couldn't bring him back, he panicked. this is probably why it took him so long to get help on the way. this is probably why he tried to give michael cpr on his bed instead of a flat surface, like he was trained and supposed to know better to do. they say that he is being charged with manslaughter!!!!! what?!!!!! is that all?? watch him get off too. the funny thing about it is while we are mad at him, we should also be mad at the folks (who ever that was, not saying it WAS A.I.G) who did. who knows maybe joe was in on it. it wouldn't surprise me because he is one crazy kind of father. what do you all think about this doctor murray?
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@sakral (70)
• Bulgaria
7 Mar 10
I think that the true story will never come in public.