How prone is your country to natural disasters?

@veromar (1457)
February 28, 2010 6:58pm CST
Now, this is not a discussion about doomsday prophecies or 2012 being the end or the book of Revelations from the Bible. I'm simply curious to know about what kind of natural disasters your country can possibly experience based on location to fault lines and things of that nature. Recently, I've been educating myself about the "ring of fire", the Cascadia fault, Yellowstone National Park, the San Andreas fault and things of that nature. I'm an American but I currently live in Argentina. My mother, who lives in Missouri in the States, just called me to find out if I'm "ok" because of the quake that happened in Chile. I had to inform her that the area that I live in in Argentina is all the way across the country from Chile and I wasn't affected at all by that quake. I'm a member of an email alert system that informs me of everything that happens in a day in regards to earthquakes, tsunami's, accidents, chemical spills, volcano eruptions and things of that nature. Because of that I know that the earthquake in Chile caused numerous "tsunami's" throughout the world, mostly only measuring a meter or less but nonetheless, considered a tsunami by scientific standards. I'm also aware of Japan sitting directly on a "ring of fire" hotspot, the fact that the super volcano under Yellowstone is long overdue and that Cascadia was once thought to be inactive. Where are you located in relation to these things? What's the worst case scenario for your country based on world natural occurances? Are you aware of these things and do you or your country have a plan in place for when they occur?
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