it hurts so much when you get hurt by the person you least expect..

February 28, 2010 9:41pm CST
coz then you wouldn't know how to react, if your emotions are overpowering you with disappointment or you're just plain dumbfounded because you didn't expect it from that particular person.
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• Philippines
2 Mar 10
of course its very hurt as you expect that person to be the first and last person who supposed to understand you rather than to hurt you. like what happened to my current bf now, he used to be my ex before and there once a time that someone entered my room and took my laptop, gadgets, money and other expensive things. i was crying that night when i got home and figure out what happened and so i called him as i expect him to console me but guess what, he just told me that i am lying and that i just want him to send money thats why i said that. i was very disappointed that time coz it only added pain to me than helping me.
@saphrina (31739)
• South Africa
1 Mar 10
It hurts allrigt. And right now, i hurt so much i can actually do someone some seriuous harm. Just make sure you don't go this far.