bringing work at home

February 28, 2010 11:56pm CST
How often do you bring your work at home? Do you like bringing your unfinished work at home? Does your family matters when you still work at home?
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• Boston, Massachusetts
2 Mar 10
Hi Careguarden, I used to do this when before. it was not healthy and helpful. i carry the burden of work at home and lessen the interaction with my kids and family. now, it's anew me. work will be in the office...finish or not finish, it will be done in the office. home is where i need to focus my time and energy for my kids and hubby. i feel lighter, at peace and more happy with this change in me and work.
@earnnings (1298)
• India
1 Mar 10
Work at home is really flexible to ladies. I think implementing this facility is fruitful. Now-a-days call center jobs have become like work at home, if this culture rows up and helps us then it would really rock. Bringing work at home can make us to work at our flexible hours. Who don't like to bring the unfinished work to home? There will be certain uneasiness in our mind if we don't finish our work in proper time, so we develop an attitude to finish it atleast at home.It depends on our concern regarding family issues.
@common_man (1799)
• India
1 Mar 10
i make it a point to finish my work at office. If there is some more work at times, i stay back in office for few more hours and invariably finish work in office only, i never bring unfinished work at home. I remember during my 24 years of career i have brought work at home only twice, The work was related to court case, which could not be completed even after working few hours extra in office. But normally i do not bring unfinished work at home, as it disturbs family life.