how far will you trust the people with your money ?

March 1, 2010 9:03am CST
i wont trust on many of them . i may trust them only upto a maximum of 60% . i think we could not trust many on the money matters . do you trust people with your money ? how far do you trust them . ? are you being cheated by someone ?
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• Philippines
2 Mar 10
i really dont trust my money to any people aside from my parents. even to my siblings as some of them borrowed money but did not pay me back, i dont want to ask them to pay coz i know that somehow they also helped me specially while im still studying. i just keep my money in back or give it to my parents for some investment like we have piggery in the province and i bought 3 piglets for me so when they grow up i can earned times 3 of my money sometimes times four, it depends to the per kilo price of the pork.
@ET28LV (1895)
• Latvia
1 Mar 10
I don't want to trust anymore to none my money. I have cheated so many times and I don't trust none. I only lend my money to my best friends, I have trusted to them about 70% But if some unknown people want to borrow to me, i say i don't have money! Other people have cheated out from me about $30.
@flikkenni (540)
• Indonesia
1 Mar 10
I can't trust people with my money even I know them for a long time. Only my family members that I can trust. I have been cheated by someone who lent my money but he/she didn't paid it. So I can't trust people with my money anymore
@myzire72 (1157)
• Singapore
1 Mar 10
I am able to trust my family members about money matters. But not with other people. Money is a very sensitive issue, so much so that even siblings kill each other over money disputes, which was reported in the news not long ago. To prevent any unnecessary disputes with other people over money, I would leave money out of the picture.
@Ravenladyj (22992)
• United States
1 Mar 10
Other than the bank, myself and my husbnad..I dont trust anyone with my money....I have no reason to to be perfectly honest with you..Nor, come to think of it, do I have any need to...