this is really bad to have such professor

@kialele (126)
United States
March 1, 2010 11:47am CST
I am studying in a college for computer science. There is a professor who is really success in his research. But every time when I come to ask him a question, he is so fussy and very easy to get irritated. Some times he even slash on the desk if he is very angry. His bad temper is not just to me but to all students. Since his reputation in research, no one in my department even want to challenge on him. How could people treat others like that! He is a professor but he don't understand what important to help student learn by encouraging them not by yelling or criticizing them. He is a advisor of one of my friends and my friend said she need fulfill what her advisor's demand. She had been very interesting in the research but she start to lose passion. She even want to give up. She come to me for asking advice. Well, it is hard ... her advisor is really successful in research and I can say it is not likely for her to have another advisor like him in the rest of her life, but if she doesn't leave, she will be go crazy some days. So what's you suggestion?
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