Which Operating System - Windows or Linux or Mac or other you prefer?

March 1, 2010 2:06pm CST
I am tired of hearing the endless debates over the technological superiority of one OS over other, blah blah about Total Cost of ownership etc etc ( I am forced to since its part of my job) . From the user point of view can you please put forward some one convincing arguments in favour of your operating system? Regards
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5 Mar 10
I was put off Windows 7 when it wouldn't detect my graphics card or any network devices in my laptop. Windows XP seemed to be collecting viruses despite having a firewall and anti virus. I decided to try Linux from a USB key, loved it and began dual booting. I now have my own distro. For me, Linux makes my computer run more efficiently, faster, crashes less, and I've never had a virus since. Forget TCO, technical advantages, I go for speed and an easier life. In addition to this, I find the people in the Linux community to be more friendly.
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6 Mar 10
Thank you for the response. I have not tried Windows 7 and its inability to detect graphics card and n/w devices is news to me. So its easier and speedier life with Linux?. The problem that i face when i have both linux ( Debian) and Windows Xp installed in my PC, sooner or later, the system crashes and I am forced to reinstall. TCO is ofcourse a Microsoft word - but are you saying that Windows has technically more advantage than Linux? I thought the Linux community argued the other way. round. Regards. Enjoy freeware, open source and copy-leftism. Regards.
@tuyakiki (3026)
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2 Mar 10
I was confused when I was using Linux, but I it takes time understand any technology.I haven't used MAC yet. In my opinion,Windows XP is much more user friendly. I am a XP user right now.I would stay stick with windows xp, or even better if you have option upgrade your operating system to windows 7. It is really good, I have been using it for the past few months. And I am pleased with the new features.
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2 Mar 10
thanks for your response. i am yet to try windows 7.vista was hell. enjoy life. regards.