can anyone tell me how to withdraw funds to indian banks by a simple explanation

March 1, 2010 11:07pm CST
i read from the paypal blog on updates how to withdraw funds and all.they have also provided the purpose codes for each kind of withdrawal purpose.i am using my paypal money for my tuition fees and i would like to know what purpose code i should use.and i also want to know whether there is any procedure that has to be done from the bank's side to get the money.please explain anyone in a simple way so that it would help everyone who has a doubt like me.
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• India
2 Mar 10
Those are only for the merchant transactions and not for personal account withdrawals. it looks like everybody is mistaking the merchant goods and services transactions for personal transactions. RBI has not yet permitted Indian banks to receive funds from paypal as paypal has not complied with regulations. till such date nothing will happen. lets hope it happens in the shortest possible time so that we all can remit funds from paypal in to our bank account.