Is Review stream getting on your nerves?

@irishmist (3820)
United States
March 2, 2010 12:50am CST
It is really getting on my nerves. I write really long informative reviews, and they reject me. Is it because I know what I am talking about?, and I don't make up stupid unhelpful reviews. I write very good and helpful stuff, with a lot of info on the product, then they tell me they are not interested... What they only want the stupid little articles that really don't give any info at all???? So what they get paid 50 cent.. for what?? For every crappy review, then it will become Ciao all over again. Why is it all the good sites have to endure bad writers and scammers????!!!!. Then in the end they have to fold and go away because of all the crap. Wow I have to remember when when Epinions was paying good money back in the day for writing quality stuff, but here again to many people taking advantage of a good thing, writing crap, and expecting to make good money, and FOR WHAT??? Is any site safe from all this nonsense bad writer crap? Oh I forgot to mention AC, they have lowered their payment as well.. so go figure...
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• United States
2 Mar 10
If these sites really want to be great, then they need to stop rewarding everyone and make it a bit harder to join. Like having to review something as an exam to sign up to see how well you write, etc. Then if after being allowed to join up, set a maximum character limit. Too many people join free sites and then just game them for the money. They don't want to really work at it. I work for a few online sites where we are graded for our work, if you are not up to snuff then you are warned. Three warnings and you are deactivated. There is a team that grades our work daily, for those of us that work daily. We all are informed of the rules and if you can't or won't read or follow the rules, then bye-bye. It keeps you on your toes, believe me. It keeps the gamers to a minimum.
@phoenix8606 (4978)
2 Mar 10
hi! you are not the only one, who thinks that this stupid site gets on its nerves. It already got on mines several months ago, when I tried to post some really good, long and qualitative reviews and they have rejected me. so that's why I really don't think, we should waste our precious time writing some reviews for it. better post here on mylot, because i is fun and the chance that our posts getrejected is very small