how many rabbits have you had at one time?

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March 2, 2010 1:12am CST
how many rabbits have you had at one time? I had for rabbits, they gave birth to 50+ children in a few month time, they all look great when i used to open them and they all were very cute.. i used to give them carrots to eat, most of the time they used to eat grass. there was a few cats who used to come to my garden, few of the rabbits were eaten by those cats , the rest i gave to someone when moved house. how many do you have or had at one time? what do you give them to eat?
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22 Mar 10
My kids had rabbits and they got out of their cage once and I had to call them "here bunny,bunny bunny. Come here bunny" They were tame so they all came back to me! I was surprised. Our neighbor's dogs came when we weren't home and killed them even though they were in the cage. I know cause I pulled in the drive and caught them in the act! We now have 2 pet rabbits in the house. We can't leave them out at the same time because they fight. We had them both fixed, they are males. They have different personalities. Blackie is friendlier then Patches and only eats in his cage. Patches eats anything. Patches thinks he is a cat and will eat their food, we had to move it to the basement casue he wouldn't leave it alone but it would give him diareha. His favorite treat is M&M's but they give him diareha. He likes chocolate! We buy them "blueberry yogurt treats" they are for rabbits. They both like these. They also get carrots, they prefer baby carrots, they like carrot tops before they eat the carrots. They also like lettace, celery (my husband feeds them the celery then when I want to cook I don't have any,,oh, he doesn't like celery!) Sometimes I buy the mixed salad with cabbage and other stuff in and they like that. They also like broccoli. They get rabbit pellets, and they have hay. Blackie loves the hay and Patches doesn't llike it! Patches loves bread, homemade bread and cookies (especially, chocolate chip cookies). Anyway, if you haven't figured it out, these 2 rabbits are slightly spoiled!