i don't know whether she treat me like a friend???

March 2, 2010 6:30am CST
i have a friends which we are going close eachother, i very like her because we have a lot of same hobbies and we always have topics to discuss. but when we separated from 2 class, i hardly saw her, but i still like her, i want to talk to her, want to go out with her, but she always have sort of excuses such as she have no more time, and she has to clean the class room...i really loves her, and sometimes it seems that she also willing to talking with me, she choses the same optional course with me, but why she always has a lot of excuses. i am confused, and littel anger, please help me.
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• India
7 Mar 10
hi Jenny, Getting angry in these sort of situation won't help.Look,according to you,she's selected the same optional courses as yous.It's evident she wants to spend time staying together though she's not ready to give clear evidence of her feeling.Somehow,there is possibly a reason that drags her making the move.So it's belongs to your responsibility to do things so that she breaks loose and start talking to you.For that what you'll is to do the same thing as she does like when she wants to clean the class rooms,give her your hand for help and don't give her the freedom to say no.Walk with her until she gets angry with you but do not stop doing things like this.It'll show her about the facts that you're really dying to talk to her and want to abolish the misunderstanding.And one more thing,matching hobbies and similar topics of discussion doesn't lead to love because it's more than that which you'll come to know with age.Take time to choose your partner for life.
@maximax8 (29023)
• United Kingdom
2 Mar 10
Sometimes a friend can get very busy and may need a little space. I suggest that you ask your friend if she wants to meet up for a short length of time on a regular basis. If it is ten to twenty minutes then she will probably have time to meet up with you. Students can get ever so busy when they are trying hard with their course or courses. Soon I think you will stop feeling angry and maybe in the future your friend will have more time available to spend with you. Good luck with your friendship.
@hanagi (391)
• Philippines
2 Mar 10
Maybe you're just longing for your friend.Just be open minded and don't be confused, if she is a real friend she will always be there for you. Do your part and don't give up unless she tell you that she no longer need you. Just be a friend to her, maybe she is really busy and not creating excuses. Why don't you set time to meet her during no class days to have bonding.Or why don't you wait for her to finish the things she do.