messing with my favorite character

United States
March 2, 2010 9:47am CST
have you ever had a favorite character in a tv show: they're fun to watch, you root for them everytime, etc. Then slowly the character's personality/behavior begins to change and you are wondering what happened. did the writers have an argument with the actor and is now exacting their revenge by making their character unlikable? There's two shows that this happened for me. When I was younger, I use to watch 7th Heaven. My favorite character was Mary, the oldest daughter. She was smart, athletic, witty, etc. Then as the actress went to pursue her acting career, they turned her character into a rebellious flake. More recently, this has been happening on Grey's Anatomy. Izzie Stevens was one of my favorite characters, tied between her and Christina. Izzie was a strong, sensible, smart, slightly emotional character who didn't back down for anyone. Then soon with all the drama on set happening, the writers decided she should be a whiny, overly emotional wreck. In both shows, I began to lose interest. There're times when I go back to see a season finale or just to catch up but I'm not longer an avid fan.
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