why do u think we are failing to conserve our natural world???

nature - nature...our mother earth...please let's join hands to save it...
March 2, 2010 10:33am CST
we all know the present condition of our natural world. we human beings, virtually, are the only species that can "think". then too even after knowing everything we tend to act late. so, why do u think this happens?...why are we constantly failing to conserve it? (natural world includes everything...like animals,forests,ozone layer,melting of ice etc...everything that can be said natural). its our mother earth...we too know we are not doing enough to save it. please lets join hands and try to conserve it....atleast now.
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14 Apr 16
Many people are short-term thinkers. Some people in America don't have the education to understand that some of these problems are real, or they think God will solve it. Another reason is financial. The people profiting off the destruction of natural resources don't want to lose money, and their voices are louder than the poor masses that care but have no political clout.