true or myth

@fred11 (62)
March 2, 2010 5:45pm CST
The movie has characters: Mr. Anderson / Neo , Agent Smith the Oracle trinity morepheus tank. The movie is a mind twisting movie After i've seen the movie it's been years now but what if the movie is some what how true. That humans are batteries for a super computer that runs a program that runs a module that makes us think that we are truely living in this life.
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• United States
7 Mar 10
After I saw the movie I thought the same thing. The whole thing about a super computer and us being batteries freaked me out. If it was true I don't think they would allow a movie about it to be made; to keep from losing more batteries.
• Philippines
3 Mar 10
i agree on this one. we are batteries. batteries of the world created by god. we are programed ! yes. we are programed to this way to ahve free will and programed to take care of god's bellongings
@Mike4me (567)
• Philippines
3 Mar 10
nah pure crap, just pure imagination of the director himself. Some movies are based on real life stories but definitely not this one.It was pure imagination based movie that fulfills the human satisfaction for a great movie. Everything in the movie doesn't make any sense at all, I mean based on real life that is. So i would say it was pure imagination and no one can call it true or even a myth. This is only my own idea so go ahead and correct me if I'm wrong :) I'm open to new ideas all the time.