are all librarians single???

March 3, 2010 2:59am CST
librarians are stereotyped as these middle aged women, in a bun hair wearing owl glasses, all throughout the day all they do is pointing where the book is located and ringing the bell if the noise of the library is above you think that all librarians are single???....this discussion is of no discrimination to librarians and the profession...:)
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• Philippines
3 Mar 10
yes, i agree with you.. WE have been put in a box as someone that can terrorize your day heheheh.. while it is part of our job to maintain an acceptable nosie indide the library. Librarians nowadays are more hip. in fact we are more than techie with other professionals. thanks to information revolution! and AS FAR AS I AM CONCERNED, NO LIBRARIANS LEFT BEHIND... hehehe
• Philippines
4 Mar 10
hi there, i am a future librarian someday and i agree that librarians in this generation is starting to have a mark of their own...they seem to be more advanced through technology in the field of information.... by the way from where are you!!!?????
@qamarep (4451)
• Pakistan
8 Mar 10
no all the librarians are not single. because they are also with their families.. its not dumb job but low paying job. and those guys are very honest in their work..
@p3ks626 (6550)
• Philippines
3 Mar 10
The librarian in the university where I use to teach is single but she's not older. She was only 1 year older than me. I think she broke the record of all the stereotype that they had about librarians. Maybe some librarians end up single because they spent most of their time in the library where guys dont like to go. The library is not a place for a guy. If I am a librarian, that means that I have a very less chance to meet guys.