More task for us members?

March 3, 2010 4:43am CST
Here I can see more task for only us members ,It is very hard earn more money in task ,Because sometimes I can see some repeated topics in mylot ,so I cannot post the same response again and again ,That's why I use to check for task regularly,But in most of the task they demand only us member to participate.Is it only for me are for everyone.Because I hardly luse internet ,Is their any specific where we can many task for all members or I am unlucky
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@ET28LV (1895)
• Latvia
3 Mar 10
Yes it is bad that tasks is only for us members. It would be better for all people can complete tasks. Every minute people are create a new discussion's, you too can use a search button to search a new discussion's in mylot. Work is very much on mylot where you can post response's, answer to people comments. And I have heard that we can earn money too for posting a pictures, for more information you can go to FAQ.
• India
3 Mar 10
Thanks for your idea,I too know about that feature earning money for picture,But there are certain rules for that only people who posted 500 responses only can post picture .I am waiting for that,Once I done 500 responses I will start uploading a picture.Any how thanks for your information.
@phoenix8606 (4978)
3 Mar 10
hi! yes, it will be really nice if there are more tasks available, but I think it doesn't depend from the people working in mylot, it only depends on people who start the tasks- these are common members like me and you, who needsome work to be done and pay for it!