Why don't kids come with manuals so you can read it when needed!!

United States
March 3, 2010 11:31am CST
After having 5 kids and going through all the ups and downs with each one of them differently, why do they still continue to surprise you (not in a good way) even when they are adults!? As I look back on my life (now 54), I'd like to think that I have steered my life in a better direction than my siblings, and then it hit me........WE ARE IMPACTING MY MOM WITH OUR 'STUFF' (WHO IS STILL LIVING AT AGE 90), SO WHY DO I EXPECT MY KIDS TO BE ANY DIFFERENT! What a vicious cycle!
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4 Mar 11
As soon as each son was born, my friends and relatives often said, "Oh he's just like you" or "He's just like his Dad" or "He's a xerox copy of his elder brother!"...what is amazing is that inspite of all these comments, each boy has a unique personality, traits and habits,...definitely if they had come with instruction manuals it would have been real handy!!