What about the Supernatural Agency called as GOD

March 3, 2010 1:15pm CST
OK,My lotters,lets start a discussion about GOD called as generator,operator and the destroyer.come on everybody,tell seriously,who all beleive in GOD.Though it may be an unending discussion, but lets take everybodys views.Well, I beleive personally,that, all the events,happening in the universe, have some cause to happen, or its impossible for the things to happen Automatically,What I beleive that there is an definate authority,a power,a force,controlling each and everything.we may mingle it or not with our day today life or not,we may be in good or bad state,may be believer or disbeliever,its happening,kinds when we see the things happening in the world,and its amazing, that we are out of the rancor rut and stress,only by thinking about this Supernatural Agency.What do you say my friends?You agree or disagree?
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