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@donna22 (1120)
March 4, 2010 3:41am CST
I think the biggest misconception about depression is that you have had to have something awful happen to you to get it but this is not the case. When I became depressed I was probably in a better situation than I am now. It is so easy to think that people who are unhappy should wake up and get a grip. I often finding myself thinking this of people who are unhappy. I understand that it is not that easy. However, I also understand that there is a difference between being "down in the dumps" and being depressed.
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@BlueAngelRS (2900)
• Canada
4 Mar 10
I couldn't agree more I believe there is a difference in being depressed and feeling down in the dumps....In my case however I was diagnosed with depression due to events in my life and with my depression I get so low that sleep and energy to clean are just not there and my dad doesn't get that lol....Well i try to keep moving on and get myself out of the cycle of my feelings.
@donna22 (1120)
6 Mar 10
I was diagnosed but it wasnt due to a particular event. I just became really down and then depressed. I was paranoid that everyone hated me and was talking baout me behind my back. I wanted to die.
• United States
6 Mar 10
Yes, there is a big difference. Depression (clinical) is long term. "Down in the dumps" is more of a mood. Short term. And yes, in depression, a bad situation is not required. You just lose motivation in doing anything.
• India
5 Mar 10
yes,everybody is depressed,some how,but extremes in the dumps are being lablled like,and are treated,otherwise taken in aother way, being funny, its a mental exercise, which can make best out of one own self,balancing the triggers of low or high one can find a hammer nail solution to ones problem,and thinking it in afunny way makes you feel light?Its not that some aweful event is waiting for you grab you?Its how yoy take the things.What do you say?