is it true that once your full you will feel sleepy?

March 4, 2010 10:42am CST
i heard this from older people specially at work, they said that we must not eat too much coz we will just going to feel sleepy if we are as our brain become so busy draining foods and it will takes time to give energy for us to use so we become lazy to the point that we become sleepy. though i told them that maybe because we are already tired working since morning thats why we become sleepy. what do you think in you own opinion.
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• Philippines
13 Mar 10
on the argument that a person starts to sleep when full I agree a bit but not so much. i did sense falling asleep after eating much however its way hard to sleep during afternoon. the light and noise just bugs me a lot that I can only close my eyes without sleeping. yes it provokes us to sleep but it is better to have a short nap than to have none at all.
• Singapore
5 Mar 10
eating too much can bring person sleepy, i agree with it ,eating just enough for the stomach is enough ,to have enough energy to continue a day ,
@May2k8 (7017)
• Indonesia
5 Mar 10
in my opinion, that causes us to sleep with food is the number of carbohydrates that enter into our bodies so we feel tired and fell asleep.
@bystander (2299)
• Philippines
5 Mar 10
what i know is that the brain has little to do with the churning and grinding of our stomach and intestines. as to the feeling of being sleepy after a big meal, the rule is never eat so much before bedtime because it is easier to reach dreamland with just enough in our stomachs.
• Malaysia
4 Mar 10
the answer is true. just the busy part is the stomach. not the brain. the other i agree with you.