My clocks stop on special days

March 4, 2010 12:39pm CST
Does anyone else have this happen to them I wonder. I have a Grandfather Clock that really was passed to me by my Grandad who loved the clock and knew I did. For years now every time there is a family occassion, from births, birthdays or anniversarys this clock will play up and stop for no reason. The funny thing is is that it does it the day before everything. This is just like my Grandad he always got the day a day early. I really truely believe that it is my Grandads way of telling me he is still with me. Now one clock would be enough but in August my beloved brother passed away and yes I have his favourite clock and yes believe it or not that does the same thing but on the correct day. Anyone else have something like this in their family? I would love to know. x
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@kquiming (2999)
• Philippines
18 Mar 10
Amazing, thanks for sharing your story. I enjoyed reading it but would not want anything like it to happen to me because it's creepy, it's going to creep me out. Anyway is your experience with the clocks consistent? It never misses any occasion is that it? Cool then... I guess more reasons there for me to believe in the paranormal and stuff. So they really do exist...
18 Mar 10
oh no it never misses an occassion. Even on my Grand daughters birthday who was born later x I find it so reasurring in fact would be very very upset if it did not happen now x
• Philippines
23 Oct 10
I agree a little.. remember this ?;Time is the most playful element in life because it lengthens the time when we wait and shortens the moment when we enjoy the moment... do you agree?
@atchmon (140)
• Philippines
20 Apr 10
That's somewhat eerie.. haha.. guess old things really are interesting..