Enjoy each moment of life!!!

March 4, 2010 8:47pm CST
Lead your life in such a manner that you are enjoying every moment of it.some people lead the life with the attitude that now they will struggle hard and live in hardship so that they can enjoys later in life.this is incorrect attitude.you should learn to enjoy amidst working and struggle also.enjoyment is in mind and not in objects. so you can have enjoyment without objects also. so we should enjoy each moment of life in any situation. if you have any good idia please tell me.
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• China
5 Mar 10
sometimes we have to yield to life. There are so many disgusting things. I always think I can grow up from these. Then I could make more and more money, so I can make my family happier. And then I enjoy each moment of life
@Braun4 (73)
• India
6 Mar 10
Let me Tell You & You Know This Thing Already Dukh main Simran Sab Karen,Sukh Main Keren Na Koi,Ya Phir Dukh Walle Simran Sukh Walle Ardaas Hor Har Walle Shukarana. I Do Agree With You Dear
12 Mar 10
Life is so unpredictable that u cant go the way you have decided. U have to live as situation come. so its better to live evry moment rathn thn thinking tht work hard and thn live happily..
• India
11 Mar 10
Life is precious. enjoy the all moment of life.