Afraid Of Unknown future

March 5, 2010 1:29am CST
In our relentless efforts to make sensible many kinds of choice on our either career and life, but i always feel that i am confused with various statements form others. Why should i learn something form them? I am not able to go through every stage of life now, but others who already have lots of experiences can give me some valuable suggestions. The other side of condition is quite opposite. Generally speaking, elders maybe stand in a side which is not understand our CHILDISH thoughts and criticize it instead, though many words are logical and realistic. Everytime when i face similar contradiction which should i listen elders suggestions or follow myself heart? How can i do that will be the right choice in the future? Friends, if you were me, when you run into a choice and how do you find a good way to grab or give up a golden opportunity?
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