Type of people we meet in Daily Grind

March 5, 2010 2:16pm CST
In daily routine,we tend to face many persons some,leaves soothing effects,and some,when one approach them,iritation,jelousy,frustration,anger,starts,My some people will nag you,bully you,to the extent that,you will like kicking the person,unnesscary some are really very aggressive,loud,will abuse,drink and howl like crazy people,making the atmosphere a hell,and you make them more quiet even with love and politeness,they will pounce on you and will scratch you more,and you are left crest fallen and frustrated,and most pity is when they are in your relation,to whom you have to meet every now and then,or may be in business,boss,colleagues,friends,to whom you cant avoid,I Have some,please tell how shall I overcome these abnoxious,persons.What to do?please,as if you counter them,they tease you emotionally.
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5 Mar 10
I work with someone like this. He bullies people, he says things he know will antagonize people. He also divides the team I work in into people he likes and people he doesn't and makes sure he poisons the minds of the people he likes against those he doesn't. I found new ways to combat him. He has really old fashioned views and I attack these. Like the other day when he told me that some equipment I was using roughly had feelings and felt pain. I smiled and said "And that's why I get off on hurting it". He had nothing to come back with.