Does anyone know what to do about stomach viruses

United States
March 5, 2010 4:19pm CST
This week it seems like everyone in my house got a stomach virus. We were wondering is there any natural ways to cure this virus that dont require pills as we dont really like taking tons of medications. What do you think?
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• Estonia
6 Mar 10
I think that the source for the best answer would definitely be the doctor. But anyway, I have also experienced kind of similar disease recently. I was vomiting hard and wasn't able to eat anything. I recommend to drink a lot (some herb teas if possible). You should also avoid milk products like cheese and milk itself, like one of the previous responders said. Milk products (unless it's bio-yoghurt) don't contribute to restoring your stomach after a hard disease.
• United States
7 Mar 10
Thank you very much I like it good answer.
• United States
6 Mar 10
Vernors ginger ale and chicken noodle soup. That's the most natural and available way to cure a stomach virus. The chicken noodle soup has the salt to calm down the stomach, and the Vernors restores the balance. That's what's always worked for me. That and plenty of water.
• United States
6 Mar 10
Thank you much, I certainly appreciate it.
@ronaldinu (12440)
• Malta
5 Mar 10
If it is a one day virus, it will be soon over. I would make sure to drink a lot to avoid dehayrdation. Try to avoid milk or cheese and if you can do without food for a few hours it helps your stomach to settle back.