Movie 2012-an alert or reality?

March 6, 2010 3:21am CST
In the movie 2012,we,the cinema-hall-goer,have seen that life on earth will cease to exist on 21st December,2012 due to some instability that ruptures earth's surface which leads to giant volcanic eruption and tsunami.But the movie ends with the ray of hope that life will still exist even after the massacre.Is this an alert to human race so that they stop destroying nature,else nature will maintain balance by demanding life?The documentary of Al Gore already exposed the prediction of natural imbalance and the degree of natural carnage!!What do you think?
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@phoenix8606 (4978)
6 Mar 10
hi yoursjannat! I really think and hope that it is just an alert, because of some of the disasters in the movie. well sooner or later the end of the human race will come if we don't stop and think about that what are we actually doing with our planet- the tree cutting, the rubbish, the cars and the CO2 that they release, the fabrics with their huge chimneys, the people who don't care about the planet!
• Kuwait
6 Mar 10
i think this is going to be true. because we humans dont care about nature.its because of our greed that we will die . there is a ray of hope only for VVIP's of the world and not for the common man . but do the ships exist in the G-8 countries because i heard that the G-8 countries have those kinds of huge ships .