Suicides getting common here...

@mr_pearl (5037)
March 6, 2010 6:24am CST
I am sorry if this topic causes an inconvenient emotional disturbance to someone. Recently, here in India, there've been a lot of suicides... People are hugging death, simply to get rid of something that is bothering them. The majority of such people are farmers or students. The farmers commit suicide because of the loans that they've got burdened with. They can't repay, can't raise their families well and finally with so much depression and frustration, they commit suicide... The students have a different story though. Till now, suicides among students weren't that common. One would read about it once in a few months. But now, one reads about a few suicides every day. Whats going wrong? Why these young buds commit suicides? And are we going to sit back and sigh with each new suicide report and do nothing? It seems as if no one is doing nothing at the moment... Think about the family which loses their father or think of the parents who lose their young children... I am sure this is not this way in other countries... How it is in your country? What can we do to stop these unhappy incidents? Please write your opinion... Thank you!
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