if you are disappointmented by your true friend or lover?????????????

March 6, 2010 7:58am CST
what will u do if your best friend or your lover disappoints you in some situations????? do you become angry on them or be calm or forget their things and join with them asusual
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@jugsjugs (13045)
7 Mar 10
I think that life is too short to be angry for too long about anything,so i now tend to just try to forget what ever the problem was with the person and what they have done.I think that there are alot of people out there that go out of their way to make other people feel upset about things as long as they are ok that is what all matters to them.These are the people that i try to ignore and get on with other things in my life.
@marianna45 (1400)
• Romania
6 Mar 10
It depends on how much i am disappointed that what mistake he made, is not the same thing will not come to a meeting with the catch with another woman, the gravity error to require different measures, that disappointment is different, there are things you can put with a view, but are things I will not forget, no matter how much i can suffer. just depend.
@mods196621 (3631)
• Philippines
6 Mar 10
It happens always and we cannot avoid this things in our life. The best thing for me to do is to have patience and think why it was happened. Try to reconcile and reunite if possible but if there is no solutions better to stop go with them. Parted ways is good in the situation. Let them feel for sometimes your importance.
@dependent (131)
• China
6 Mar 10
that dependents,maybe he(she)hasto handy some important matters,we should think more of the other not yourself. however if he or she disappointed u again and again,i warn u should revalue the friendship between u and him or she. find the disadvantages and remend it
• United States
6 Mar 10
My boyfriend disappoints me a lot. We both love each other its just that we have a lot in common and a lot not in common. So we clash from time to time. It is best to just talk. See where we both are coming from. Everyone disappoints each other from time to time. It is how you get over it. Ignoring the problem doesn't make it go away,and yelling just makes everything worse.