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March 6, 2010 5:17pm CST
I life is hard no one ever said it would be easy but how do you handle something like this? My grandma passed away she's been gone for about 2 months now. She was more than my grandma she was more of a mom to me she was always the one who took care of me. Then less than a month my mother in law passed away and then two weeks later my father in law passed away. I was blessed with having a good relationship I guess since I never really was close to my mom and I never knew my dad I became really close my both my mother in law and father in law. They were good christian peopl. my father in law was a minister. All three of them were very special people in our lives and they will be dearly missed. It's going to be especially hard with the holidays. Easter is coming up next month and that is going to be rough.
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@clocks123 (1228)
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6 Mar 10
i'm so sorry for the losses of your grandmother,motherinlaw and fatherinlaw in such a short period of time. yes, it will be hard when the holidays, birthdays, or some other rememberance occurs. i don't think we ever get over our losses. they will always be with us in some way or another all throughout our lives. you will get through this ,but it may take a long time. what you are feeling is normal grief feelings. i hope and pray there will be others in your life with whom you can have a good relationship with. they won't take the places of those you have lost, but will help you move forward. in time, you may be able to share what you have been through with someone else who has experienced loss.
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7 Mar 10
thank you, luckily I still have brothers and sister in laws and good extended church family truthfully if it wasnt for them I dont know how we would get through it. I guess just thinking about what the holidays and special occassions will be like without them here got me kind of down. There are some many good memories especially holidays. instead of having to worry about where we would go what year and all that it was never like that because we would always doing everything together my grandma and grandpa like my husband mom and dad and vice versus so that was really special but now they are all gone but at least we have very special memories and I guess it time to start creating new ones some how.