What happens if i put sugar in tea? Is it fine to put anything sweet to a tea?

March 6, 2010 10:08pm CST
My cousin told me not to put sugar in tea but it taste like garden if w/out it. I'm really wondering what happens if you put sugar in tea. I heard about diabetes. Now what I do is eating a piece of chocolate while I drink the tea so it will be easier for me to drink it but I know it makes no difference if I use sugar, when someone saw me holding a sachet of white sugar while I hold a cup of tea, "hey sugar?" they'll ask me but when I was once sitting eating a piece of chocolate while I drink the tea, no one reacted. What do you think guys?
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• Boston, Massachusetts
7 Mar 10
Hi Freshflowers, Nice account name friend. Well, welcome to mylot! I think it's okay to put something sweet in our tea. Aside from sugar, i am using honey for my tea. i love tea with honey it really taste good and its healthy.