life is honey,life is harmful ,which category you all?

March 6, 2010 11:20pm CST
dear friends, some times life is so sweet,some times we all thing the life is goingharmful,when especially we feel lonely,money(without money),hosipital expenditure etc..
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• India
7 Mar 10
Hello! Frankly, life has always been a big struggle for me. Not only for me, but my feeling is almost everyone has to struggle for one thing or the other. But, in my case it is always struggle and more struggle. Whether it is lack of money and on top of that my medicine bills, or handling my ten years old son or coping with my husband who also is a child by heart or loneliness. It always is a big struggle. I am a believer of astrology and my birth date being 26th, it totals to single digit 8. It is said that number eight is governed by saturn and a person born on date which totals to eight can never hv an easy life. I do not whether it is true or not or whether every human being born in this world on a date which totals to eight has a life like mine, but , in my case, along with tough life I hv been blessed with a very strong will power, and I hv passed every phase of my life with ease. For this I will always be thankful to GOD.