Do you ever enjoyed ?

March 7, 2010 4:15am CST
Hi friends, We know there are many types of people in the whole world, but I got a very strange experience some days ago, one of my known person do something with one of his friend that could suffer him (his friend), He had done it easily and when I asked him why did he do this, his answer is quite amazing, he told that "JUST FOR FUN", how could this possible ? so my question is do you ever enjoy suffering anyone.?
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@apsara60 (6612)
• Israel
7 Mar 10
Hello vishalkgupta, yes this world is full of such people who can very easily hurt others and don't even feel guilty about it. As for me , I am very scared to do something like this as I believe that when you hurt others, somehow someone will hurt you too. I am thankful to God that he has given me kind nature and I can never think of hurting anyone and if by mistake I hurt someone, my guilty conscious does not allow me to rest in peace, so I go and ask for forgiveness and when forgiven, my conscious becomes clean and then I can enjoy everything. Besides I once heard that if parents do any sin, then children have to suffer, from that day, I am always careful to see that I don't do anything that will hurt anyone or that will become cause for any kind of suffering for my children. No I cannot hurt someone "JUST FOR FUN" .......never!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
• India
7 Mar 10
Hello apsara, Yes this kind of attitude or nature is quite disgusting, When I heard his answer that person loosed his respect in my eyes, I have to think that what type of peoples are in my surrounding, I am living such kind of dirty peoples who can hurt someone only for fun, they never think that how much cost pay by others beyond their worthless fun, they forget that someone is watching them (I believe in god) and one day they have to pay the price for this. may god give the kind nature like you to such stupid peoples. have a nice time.