What do you think prisoners do in jail every day?

March 7, 2010 4:16am CST
people in the jail cant come out or meet lot of outsiders frequently . what do you think will be their daily routine . what are the things do you think the people in your country do in jail ?
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• Estonia
9 Mar 10
I don't know much about their personal activities, but I have been on a class trip to a jail. Guards showed us all the rooms there. They said that every day convicts get a couple of hours for walking inside special areas. They can walk and breath fresh air there. If the prisoner is behaving well, he/she might even get an access to fitness room or to a workshop, where they can develop their skills and have some entertainment. There was also a chapel, where convicts can participate in liturgy and sing in choir. I think there was even a kind of "beauty salon", where the prisoners can cut their hair and even make tattoos. I think that prisoners have quite good life in prison in our country.
• Indonesia
7 Mar 10
Dear dilipmiester, Hoho, I don't know what is their daily routine, because I never a jail. Maybe, their activities only sleeping and eating.
@phoenix8606 (4978)
7 Mar 10
hi! we all have watched some movies with prisoners and their daily round- how they go to yard playing something, do some activities like laundry, cooking, cleaning. I don't know if it is real and their spend the time there that way, but I know that in the most of the prisons in my country they have some work in jail- like carpentry, glaziers, and many others!
@cloud31 (5811)
7 Mar 10
I have known that in jail they are doing such job to improve their skills this is base here in my place, they were trained for a better person to make their skills useful. In jail there are some resourceful activities which prisoner can make their time useful. Happy mylotting!
• Philippines
7 Mar 10
as i watch the movie about those prisoner i guess they also have activities inside like sports, they can play basketball inside, watch television and talk to their co prisoner. some of them have a livelihood program where they were taught to do things like arts, carving, or etc that can be used once they are out from jail. like the tattoo thing, tattoo was started by those prisoner then when one of them get out he started to share it to other people til it become an art to everyone. before, in my country once you have tattoo in your body they will know that your from jail. but then now, its already become an art applicable to all.