not married but with rings

United States
March 7, 2010 9:01pm CST
Oh ya, I have friends that find out are not married. He was married 3 times and divorced 3 times. He has not met a girl that is a bit "high maintenance" basically a little bit of a grumbler. He has told her that he will not marry her because of all the divorces. She must have threatened to leave him because now they are wearing rings. I spoke to him and he did not get married, but in order to keep peace he got her a diamond circled ring and she got him a diamond ring also. Well after I don't remember how many years they are common law married anyway. So. . . . what is the difference. Talk to your girl and tell her the problem and work it out. There are benefits all the way around. But it is his decision. Actually, I feel bad for both of them and both are great people.
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@myramae19 (667)
• Philippines
8 Mar 10
maybe your friend is afraid to get married again because of the unhealthy marriage he had experienced and ended up with divorced. Good thing is his girl now is really understanding. then I hope things will work out for them. you have said that they are both a great person, but who knows as time goes by they would plan for a wedding. I wish them all the best
@rachel999 (211)
• India
8 Mar 10
Hi Arab Girl, Relationships are about commitments whether you get a ring or not that totally depends on them, some people are happy with the rings and some want to renounce their commitment by getting married, living relationships, open relationships & friends with benefit are becoming very common nowadays. Communication is good and healthy, talking about a problem and finding the solution is always better but some people do not like to discuss this, if the people do not discuss or try to find a solution from it then the issue just increases, hiding or not discussing the problem will end up in a bad way only, they should realize this before its to late.